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Trust TopNotch Air Conditioning Service for your AC repair and installation in Tarzana. We will ensure that your home feels like a restful escape. This by providing you an efficient air cooling solution. Therefore, if you are experience extreme indoor temperatures, we have got you covered.

We will install and replace a malfunctioned AC system ensuring optimal performance. On top of that, we are available 24 hour a day.

For the years that we have been in service, we understand how different AC systems work. Therefore, we are able to provide the best solutions custom-made to suit your requirements.

At TopNotch Air Conditioning Service, we are the local AC experts you can trust. To schedule for our services, contact us at (818) 650-4344.

24 hour AC Repair & Installation
AC installation

AC installation with a difference

TopNotch Air Conditioning Service provides superior AC installation solutions. We guide our customers through the AC choice procedures. Therefore, if you are about to replace your AC or you are installing an additional AC involve us. For professional advice, we have qualified AC experts in Tarzana who understand the functionalities of different AC systems. In that regard, we will help you choose an energy efficient AC, and the AC type that provides optimal functionality.

We repair and service different AC types

Whether the central units, window air conditioner or even the portable version, TopNotch Air Conditioning Service provides you best repair solutions.  We have been involved in repair and servicing of the different types of AC and we understand what each one of them requires for optimal functionality. Therefore, when your Central AC requires ducting or the window AC does not provide optimal cooling, we have your back.

At TopNotch Air Conditioning Service, we have factory-trained personnel. Therefore, when the AC seems broken down, contact us. So we can diagnose the issue quickly provide an efficient solution.  We have been in business for a long time and we are committed to ensuring your home feels cooler and better place to stay.

We repair and service different AC types

24/7 HVAC Air Conditioning Service in Tarzana

Common AC problems include:

☑ A low refrigerant
☑ The frozen evaporator coils
☑ Dirty condenser coils
☑ Fan issues
☑ Leaking AC ducts
☑Thermostat is failed

At TopNotch Air Conditioning, we have the experts to address the above and many more problems.

Common AC problems
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